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Costa Rica Luxury Vacation with Airfare $699

6-Night Costa Rica Vacation with Round-Trip Airfare and Manual Car. Price/Person Based on Double Occupancy

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  • About Si-Como-no

    • Located along Costa Rica's Central Pacific coast, Si Como No is a uniquely special Manuel Antonio Resort Spa and Wildlife Refuge that sits atop one of the most idyllic hillsides in Manuel Antonio. The resort's lush jungle terraces and brilliantly vivid gardens overlook the sparkling ocean just above world-renown Manuel Antonio National Park. Discreetly integrated into this tropical paradise is Si Como No. Proudly occupying the most idyllic hilltop in Manuel Antonio, this award-winning eco-designed Resort & Spa provides its own signature version of "barefoot luxury" to all its guests. Your stay with Si Como No includes free Wi Fi, free scheduled beach shuttles, complimentary guest passes to the Butterfly Atrium at our Wildlife Refuge, free self-guided tours, complimentary THX movie passes, special gift coupons for savings on Cala Spa treatments, plus our sumptuous Costa Rican buffet breakfast at Rico Tico.

Regional Area Tours (near Si-Como-No)

  • Manuel Antonio National Park Tour: Transportation provided by the tour operator will pick you up at your hotel from where you will start your ride to Manuel Antonio National Park. This national park is one of the most famous in our country due to its wide variety of fauna and flora specimens.The trail that you take in this tour is flat and picturesque and is about 2 miles long. Throughout the hike your guide will stop and explain the different nature specimens that can be observed. Feel free to take as many pictures as youd like, as long as the guide tells you otherwise. Halfway through the hike you will take a leisure stop at the third beach located within the national park. You will have approximately 20 minutes to rest on the beach and play in the waves if you choose to. Throughout this hike you will see many creatures including sloths, birds and reptiles, as well as admire orchids, butterflies, and tropical trees. Once you are finished, transportation will be waiting for you to take you back to your hotel. What to Bring: Suntan lotion, camera, sunglasses, hiking shoes, beach towel, and bathing suit. $49 per person
    Adrenaline Canopy Adventure: This tour is 5 hours long. There is a minimum of 2 people for this tour. Children must be 6+ to do this tour. Transportation provided by your tour operator will pick you up from your hotel and drive approximately one hour to the canopy facilities located in the stunning Paso Real Rainforest.The facilities at this site boast a restaurant, nature trails, butterfly garden, snake exhibit, and canopy platforms. Your guide will give you a talk about how to run the course and provide you with a few safety measures. You will then be suited up with canopy gear and safety equipment. During your journey the guide will point out and explain the different wildlife found among the layers of rainforest vegetation. The canopy course consists of 18 platforms, 10 zip lines 2 rappel lines, a suspension bridge and a Tarzan swing. You will see many flora and fauna specimens including dart frogs, toucans and titi monkeys. There is no shortage of adrenaline on this Manuel Antonio tour. After an exhilirating ride over the leafy treetops you will disengage from your harness and head off to the butterfly garden. From caterpillars to pupas and full grown butterflies,you can admire there transformation and variety. Then you can explore the snake exhibit where nine different species are featured in enormous glass cages. After all of the excitement, you will head to the on site restaurant to enjoy some refreshing snacks and delicious lunch. What to Bring: Suntan Lotion, hiking shoes, bathing suit, and waterproof camera. $85
    Damas Island Kayak Tour: Transportation provided by the tour operator will pick you up at the hotel where you will start your journey to the shore. During the 20 minute drive, your tour guide will explain some of the scenery highlights. You will then set our on the river called the Paquita facing an island and float along the soft currents under a verdant forest canopy. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you can spot the innumerable aviary species, snakes, anteaters, and white faced monkeys. This tour takes you through the Manuel Antonio channels and provides the ideal opportunity to see the many species of this area. Please note: Kayaks are available in 1 and 2 passenger format. What to Bring: Suntan lotion, sunglasses, waterproof camera, hat, visor, mosquito repellant, bathing suit, and beach towel. $65
  • About Villa Blanca

    • Just over an hour's drive from San Jose International Costa Rica airport (SJO), eco-minded travelers from all over the world have reveled in the beauty of Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel, located within the Los Angeles Private Biological Nature Reserve & Research Station in the Canton of San Ramon. Here, you're immersed in one of the world's most precious and complex jungle ecosystems — the cloud forest. This boutique mountain hotel is nestled on 75-acres of gentle rolling hills, with well-appointed "casitas" and Honeymoon Suites, each with their own fireplace, and surrounded by acres of lush botanical gardens.

Regional Area Tours (near Villa Blanca)

  • San Ramon Cultural and Historical Tour and Sarchi Artisan Town - The town of Sarchi is home to the typical artisans of Costa Rica. Sarchi offers from the hands of laborious artisans the most beautiful oxcarts, very representative of our culture and idiosyncrasy, a variety of handicrafts and also the opportunity to get involved in the processing. Bright colors, different kind of woods and a heritage of talents are part of what you will enjoy on your visit to Sarchi. The Cultural & Historical Tour is both educational and picturesque at the same time. San Ramon is the city of poets and birthplace of three previous presidents. Most famous was Don Pepe Figueres, the president who abolished Costa Rica's military and established its current democracy. A photo gallery in his honor, plus the nearby Church of San Ramón and Central Market, are part of this popular tour hosted by Villa Blanca guides who grew up in the community. $79
    Cloud Forest Bird Watching - With approximately 898 recorded bird species in Costa Rica, the country boasts one-tenth of the species of the world's total bird population. So if birding is your passion, here's your chance to set off in the cool morning air of Villa Blanca's own cloud forest trails and gentle sloping pastures on a quest to spot your share of the more than 258 local species, including endemic birds such as the Orange-bellied Trogon (Trogon aurantiiventris), Coppery-headed Emerald (Elvira cupreiceps) and dozens of others. Costa Rica conservation efforts are offering new hope for such rare jewels of the bird world as the Quetzals, featured in one of our seasonal tours, and Scarlet Macaws, now both protected in the National Parks & Nature Reserves. $28

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